Close Up Pics Answers and Cheats

By | May 19, 2014

Close Up Pics answers and cheats. Do you have a keen eye for the tiniest of details? If so, you’re going to love Mediaflex Games’ Close Up Pics. Close Up Pics is completely free and available for all Android and iOS devices. Having trouble focusing on the mystery image? No sweat. We’ve got all of your back with all the Close Up Pics answers and cheats.

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close up pics answers

Close Up Pics Answers

Close Up Pics is the picture trivia game that is going to put your eyes through the ultimate test. In order to master this puzzling and addicting game, you’re going to need to view everything through a microscope. Therefore, you never know what you’re really looking at. Is it a dog or a cat? What about a tree? You just never know! Are you up for the challenge? Just in case you get stuck, we’ll help you out with all of our Close Up Pics answers.

When you begin Close Up Pics, you’re going to be shown a zoomed in image and a handful of letters. It will be you mission to correctly guess what the heck you’re looking at? It gets tricky because Close Up Pics if full of diverse levels. From foods to objects to animals, Close Up Pics is full of tricky categories that are sure to mix you up. Think you can handle all of that up close madness? Remember, we’ll guide you through with all of our Close Up Pics answers and cheats.

Fortunately, the game is going to supply you with some very helpful hints for when you are really stuck in a pickle. For example, you can remove a letter from the letter bank. You can also zoom out from your image so you can get a better look at what you are looking at. But there is some bad news. Unfortunately, you will only have a limited amount of these hints and you can only get more of them if you pay for more. But who wants to do empty their wallet on silly hints!? All you really need to do is take a look at our Close Up Pics answers for every level.

With Close Up Pics, you may never need to go and visit the¬†optometrist again. This game is going to put your through the true eye examination. So if you’re ready, take the Close Up Pics test. But remember, it’s pretty hard. So, be sure to check out all of our Close Up Pics answers and cheats.

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