Eye to Eye Answers & Cheats

By | May 16, 2014

Eye to Eye answers and cheats for every level of this intense picture-guessing game for iOS devices. Whether you’re playing on iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, our Eye to Eye answers will come in handy! Here’s one more chance to prove how well you know celebrities. The catch is that you will only be able to see their eyes! You won’t be able to use any other features. Download the app at the link below, then come back here for a full list of all the Eye to Eye answers you’ll ever need.

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Eye to Eye Answers

Eye to Eye is made by Sergey Tyo, a Russian indie game developer. His other games include Puzzle of the Day, a jigsaw puzzle game, and other puzzle apps in Russian. This is his first published picture-quiz app, as far as we can tell. Nevertheless, it’s very elegantly designed. You must look at a pair of eyes and figure out which person they belong to. You won’t be able to see the person’s nose, mouth, or hair (unless it’s long and covers their eyes). To make matters worse, the game is in black and white! There is no color to base your guesses on. You may be able to tell if the celebrity is dark- or light-skinned, but otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess.

However, this isn’t the really hard part. Get this: you’re expected to beat the game with no hints! Most quiz games let you buy hints or level skips in the app itself. But if you thought you could get Eye to Eye answers that easily, think again. There are no in-app purchases of any kind, which is normally great. But with a puzzle as tough as this one, you definitely need a little help! After all, everyone might know Jennifer Lawrence’s youthful eyes, but who can remember what George Clooney’s smile lines look like?

Only a TMZ-obsessed celebrity junkie could possibly know all the Eye to Eye answers off the top of their head. We like celebrities, but we’re not pop culture encyclopedias! That’s why we’ve organized all of the Eye to Eye answers for every level on this page. Click the links above for help on any level you’re stuck on. While you try to beat the game, you can see all the celebrities you’ve guessed correctly floating around the screen! If being friends with a virtual celebrity isn’t enough to make you want to know all these Eye to Eye answers, we don’t know what is!

Reviewed by: Samantha Zerman | Eye to Eye | Rating: 5