Guess the Icon Answers

By | August 28, 2014

Guess the Icon answers for every level of this hit new quiz game. You’re about to embark on a tough new puzzle challenge! Pro Film Games, makers of Close Up Pics Zoom Pop Quiz, are back to strain your brain. Guess the Icon is free to play for all iOS devices, from iPhone and iPod Touch to iPad. If you played Pro Film’s last game, you’ll recognize how Guess the Icon is laid out right away. Every level has a picture that represents something else–but certain details are missing to make it harder! You’ll have to mentally fill in the blanks to solve each puzzle.

guess the icon

Each level of Guess the Icon is randomized, so you probably won’t get the same order as we did. While you play Guess the Icon, you’ll have to call on your knowledge of movies, fictional characters, celebrities, animals, locations, professions, food, and more. There’s no end to what might be one of these Guess the Icon answers! But you’re not all on your own. Guess the Icon answers can be found by using in-game hints. You’ll only get a few of these, so save them for Guess the Icon answers you really can’t figure out any other way. For everything else, use our full list of Guess the Icon answers below.

Guess the Icon Answers All Levels

Level 1: Pig
Level 2: Yoda
Level 3: Batman
Level 4: Twitter
Level 5: Facebook
Level 6: Hannibal
Level 7: Obelix
Level 8: Brazil
Level 9: Tweety
Level 10: Google
Level 11: Joker
Level 12: Starbucks
Level 13: Los Angeles
Level 14: Simpsons
Level 15: France
Level 16: Germany
Level 17: Kermit
Level 18: Reggae
Level 19: Avatar
Level 20: Fishing
Level 21: Whale
Level 22: Hamburger
Level 23: Snail
Level 24: Lightning
Level 25: Ireland
Level 26: Egypt
Level 27: Bowling
Level 28: Cards
Level 29: Coca Cola
Level 30: Shrek
Level 31: Bee
Level 32: Hunting
Level 33: Cake
Level 34: Clown
Level 35: Mickey Mouse
Level 36: Spongebob
Level 37: Sheep
Level 38: Executioner
Level 39: Godzilla
Level 40: Puma
Level 41: Cat Woman
Level 42: Santa Claus
Level 43: Mexico
Level 44: Snow White
Level 45: Octopus
Level 46: Carrot
Level 47: Dr House
Level 48: Penguin
Level 49: Photography
Level 50: Pelican
Level 51: NBA
Level 52: Knife
Level 53: Zorro
Level 54: BMW
Level 55: Shooting
Level 56: Snake
Level 57: Marilyn Monroe
Level 58: Yoga
Level 59: Lion King
Level 60: Singing
Level 61: Goofy
Level 62: Spain
Level 63: Hot Dog
Level 64: Horse
Level 65: Light Bulb
Level 66: Sushi
Level 67: Mother Teresa
Level 68: Parachuting
Level 69: Nemo
Level 70: Ladder
Level 71: Archery
Level 72: Shark
Level 73: Italy
Level 74: Basketball
Level 75: Spaghetti
Level 76: Butterfly
Level 77: Smurfs
Level 78: Jurassic Park
Level 79: Tennis
Level 80: Harry Potter
Level 81: Plate
Level 82: Bread
Level 83: Key
Level 84: Jaws
Level 85: Cinderella
Level 86: Apple
Level 87: Baseball
Level 88: Matrix
Level 89: Spider
Level 90: Squirrel
Level 91: Puzzle
Level 92: Starfish
Level 93: Clock
Level 94: Lamp
Level 95: KFC
Level 96: Saw
Level 97: James Bond
Level 98: Letter
Level 99: Teacher
Level 100: Swimming