The Unbeatable Game Answers and Cheats

By | September 2, 2014

The Unbeatable Game Answers Levels 26-45

 The Unbeatable Game Level 26

Q: Make one hundred less than 1.
A: Drag the full stop from the end of the question and place it before the 100.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 27

Q: The river Thames is in which state?
A: Liquid

 The Unbeatable Game Level 28

Q: Quickly find what you see in the middle of the sea?
A: Pull the letter “e” from the “sea” and put it in the middle of the screen.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 29

Q: The word candy can be spelled using 2 letters. How?
A: Drag the letters “c” and “y” from “candy”.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 30

Q: Which is the most lively part of Russia?
A: Tap the blue button.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 31

Q: Different animals, different KGS on counter.
A: 27

 The Unbeatable Game Level 32

Q: Again try to make one hundred less than 1.
A: Tap and hold the number 1 in 100 until it fades.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 33

Q: First tap the red balloon, then the green and twice the blue heart.
A: Do exactly as the instructions tell you.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 34

Q: Break the egg
A: Turn your device to break it

 The Unbeatable Game Level 35

Q: The kiwi is sleeping. Try waking her up.
A: Start from the outside of your device and place your finger on the top right of the screen. Drag towards the kiwi. Then drag the moon over the sun.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 36

Q: Try to remove the man’s hay.
A: Blow in your device’s mic.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 37

Q: Which symbol when used gives 5+5+5=550
A: /

 The Unbeatable Game Level 38

Q: What is the next in the sequence SENT___
A: Sentett

 The Unbeatable Game Level 39

Q: Prove X=V
A: Tap and hold the lower part of the X until it disappears.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 40

Q: How many legs does the elephant have?
A: 5

 The Unbeatable Game Level 41

Q: I work 24×7, 7 days a week & 365 days a year with no break, no leave & yet I don’t get paid. Who am I?
A: Mother

 The Unbeatable Game Level 42

Q: Just pick 3 strawberries
A: Tap the left strawberry three times.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 43

Q: Which of the figures below can be formed by rotating the figure above?
A: The one at the very right.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 44

Q: I am very heavy forward, backward I am not.
A: Drag the letters from the “not” to create the word “ton”.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 45

Q: Kill the mosquito
A: Hit the mosquito 3 times

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  1. Charlize Van Zyl

    I got past level 58 and 59 but I can’t get past level 60!

  2. Kaluba

    For level 58 pick up the stick and place it on the bush , for level 59 drag the picture frame and place on the fish and for level 60 put your phone on your charger and it will charge like normal hope i help 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Help … When I first downloaded this app I said no to access to my mic ,I can’t get past blowing out the candle, I’ve uninstalled and done updates but it doesn’t ask again .can anyone help thanks

  4. Hailey

    @anonymous it’s in settings and what’s level 65 answer

  5. Toya

    To make the frog jump, drag the stick to the bushes behind the frog to wake up he snake and frog will jump away from the snake

  6. Harvxie

    @abc_user the opposite for nitrate is dayrate ALSO anyone know the answer for lvl 78???

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