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Rebus App Walkthrough and Answers

Rebus is the latest puzzle game to heat up the app market. A rebus is an image that represents a word. Rebus images often rely on puns to create the word represented. Rebus gives you an image and asks you to come up with the word. This app is not easy! Guessing what the image is supposed to mean is an exercise in thinking outside the box. You can’t simply look at a car going up a hill and think incline, hill, uphill or car. You also have to notice that the car looks like a d. Then add car and d to get the answer: CARD. If you love to make your brain work a little bit harder, Rebus is the game for you. You can download Rebus on Google Play or the App Store. Need some help with your Rebus game? Check out some answers below. To help you get the hang of how the game works, we’ll also give you an explanation of how to get to the correct Rebus answers.

Rebus Level 1 Answers and Explanations

The letter g and a heart: G + Love = GLOVE
A car going uphill: Car + D = CARD
Picture of numbers 6135: Switch numbers to corresponding letters of the alphabet = FACE
Tetris shapes falling into place: Ten shapes + T = TENT
Upside down hanger: Tab + reversed = BAT
Earring letter W: W + ear = WEAR
MDAY picture: M + on + DAY = MONDAY
Nail shaped like an s: S + nail = SNAIL

Rebus Level 2 Answers and Explanations

Side of head and ear: C + L + ear = CLEAR
Raindrops shaped like T: T + rain = TRAIN
Gold key on purple background: M + on + Key = MONKEY
L &: L + and = LAND
5 colored rings: Range + O = ORANGE
Bee on blue background: Bee + F = BEEF
Ship on an S-shaped shore: S + Port = SPORT
Co and finger sign: Co + Okay = COOK

Rebus Level 3 Answers and Explanations

Pin poking the letter K: Pin + K = PINK
Car with the letters e and r: Car + e + e + r = CAREER
Upside 10: Ten reversed = NET
Fish, orange, duck, onion: FOOD
NIS repeated: Ten + Nis = TENNIS
L DON picture: L + on + DON = LONDON
Bell with blue ribbon: Bell + Y = BELLY
Seal on a G: Seal + in + G = SEALING

Rebus Level 4 Answers and Explanations:

Bear on blue background: Bear + D = BEARD
Rose with thorns: P + Rose = PROSE
Cross or T with po: Po + in + T = POINT
Light coming out of F: F + Light = FLIGHT
Trees and water with S shape: S + Park = SPARK
20 Bs on red background: B + all = BALL
Rooster or chicken on blue background: Cock + L = CLOCK
C&Y: C + and + Y = CANDY

Rebus Level 5 Answers and Explanations

Owl on purple background: B + Owl = BOWL
G and circle: G + Round = GROUND
Orange H on blue background: H + in + T = HINT
E2 in red box: Red + ee = REED
Small white N on red background: Micro + N = MICRON
MC2 + G2 on yellow background: E=MC2 so E + gg = EGG
SG on yellow background: S + on + G = SONG
Blue and yellow blocks with white plus sign: Blue + yellow = GREEN

Rebus Level 6 Answers and Explanations

CH with bite taken out: Ch + eat = CHEAT
White S on blue backgrounds/keyhole: S + in + Key = SINK
Monkey saying GR: Gr + Ape = GRAPE
E with L inside on orange background: L + in + E = LINE
10DER: Ten + Der = TENDER
P and Y on brown background: P + on + Y = PONY
P made of small white dots: P + Rice = PRICE
Three green shapes with wheels on grey blue background: CAR

Rebus Level 7 Answers and Explanations

P on a horse: P + Ride = PRIDE
Eggs on a pan: Pan + IC = PANIC
Map with Os connected: Plan + E + T = PLANET
Brick wall with ET: Wall + ET = WALLET
D and smaller M: M + in + D = MIND
Blue, orange and yellow stripes: B + O + Y = BOY
H/N: H + or + N = HORN
Two long white lines at bottom of red background: F + low = FLOW

Rebus Level 8 Answers and Explanations

S made of small As: S + of + A = SOFA
Reflected letter Ps: P + on + D = POND
T chasing after K: T + run + K = TRUNK
Pot with steam billowing: S + pot = SPOT
O with stitches in side: O + Scar = OSCAR
V=IT: V + is + IT = VISIT
Blue and black car on orange background: S + car + F = SCARF
Yellow outlined Y on purple background: Part + Y = PARTY

Rebus Level 9 Answers and Explanations

Trident in a circle: Hell + O = HELLO
M with a question mark: M + Ask = MASK
Line going through blue, orange, mauve and brown squares: B + O + M + B = BOMB
CD and letter Y on yellow background: Disc + over + Y = DISCOVERY
Power switch ER: Off + ER = OFFER
Wrench on blue background: S + Tool = STOOL
Tree trunk on yellow background: P + Age = PAGE
G and small K on purple background: K + in + G = KING

94% Answers and Cheats

94% is the new trivia game that is making its way to the top of the charts.  The developers behind this game, Scimob, have created many other successful games.  These games include 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees, and a few others. 94% is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Having trouble reaching 94%?  Don’t worry, we have all of the 94% answers and cheats to every level.

94 answers cheats


Throughout the game, you will be asked a variety of questions.  In order to pass the level you will need to find 94% of the answers.  Each level has three questions.  The questions range from ‘Things you find in a pencil case’ to ‘Words used by the weatherman’. The questions will then have a certain number of answer blocks that you will need to guess.  Each answer block is worth a certain number of points. To complete the level you will need to figure out 94% of the answers associated with the question.  The game currently has 35 levels.  Each level has three different questions for you to solve.

If you are having trouble find one of the answers, the game offers the Joker.  The joker will reveal the first letter of the answer, followed by blank spaces.  Beneath the word you will have a letter bank for you to use to fill in the rest of the answer.  Still having trouble reaching that 94%?  Rather than asking your friends for help on social media or using the Joker, check out all of the 94% answers and cheats here. premieres to help you save money

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Trivia Crack Answers and Cheats

Trivia Crack Cheats has answers to every question of every category of the popular trivia game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or Facebook online. Trivia Crack is developed by Etermax, in which you compete against friends in real time on various trivia categories. The six trivia categories included in the game are Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History. The game is free, and there is also a paid version if you would like to play ad-free.
trivia crack
To bring playing Trivia Crack, you spin a wheel that determines which trivia category you will play. Every category has its own character. You compete against your friend in several rounds of each category. The first player to win all categories and collect all the characters wins the game. Each game has a maximum of 25 rounds. As you play the gain, you will earn coins for your correct answers. You can use these coins to purchase power-ups that will help you beat tricky levels that you are stuck on. Coins can also be used for extra spins of the wheel, or to steal your component’s category characters. If you run out of coins, you can purchase more with in-app purchases. However, purchasing coins can get expensive. If you do not want to spend any money on coins in Trivia Crack, you can use these Trivia Crack cheats to win the game.

Trivia Crack includes over 100 thousand trivia questions, and the game is constantly updating with more questions to challenge your knowledge. You can even upload your own trivia questions. Start playing trivia crack today on your phone or online, and if you need help just turn to the Trivia Crack Cheats and answers to help you win the game!

Candy Crush Soda Cheats and Tips

King has released yet another match three game to take over the charts. Candy Crush Soda Saga is the newest game where you can crush all the candies you want. The new game is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Although the game is very similar to the original Candy Crush Saga, there are a few new features. If you are having trouble adapting to these, we have all of the Candy Crush Soda cheats and tips right here to help you along.

candy crush soda saga

If you are familiar with the gameplay in Candy Crush, you will already have a head start in Candy Crush Soda. It is a match three game where you will be collecting soda bottles, releasing Candy Bears, and more. Like other King games, each level will be accompanied by an objective. In order to complete the objectives, you will need to make match three combinations, special candies, and what ever else needs to be done within the move limit.

Currently there are 140 levels for you to play. These levels will include everything from collecting soda bottles to freeing the Candy Bears from honey, ice, and frosting. One of the great new features is the ability to create a match four! Match four combinations will create jelly fish, which will target different candies on the board. Like other King games, one of the main priorities is creating special candies. In Candy Crush Soda, you will be able to create striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs.

As you make your way through the levels you will begin to encounter more blockers, such as licorice blocks. These blockers will continue throughout the game. If you are having trouble beating one of the levels, check out all of the Candy Crush cheats and tips.