Guess the 90s Answers & Cheats

By | May 7, 2014

Guess the 90s answers and cheats for all levels–including all of the hints, tips and guides you need for every level of Guess the 90’s! Guess the 90s is a picture style word and trivia app game from Conversion, LLC, and it is available on Andriod and iOS devices. Are you having a hard time figuring out which iconic 90s star, toy, character, or TV show you have to guess correctly? Checkout all of the Guess the 90s answers and cheats for every level right here!

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guess the 90s

Guess the 90s Level Answers

This hot new app game has over 400 levels for you to guess about the 90’s–in a wide variety of categories to keep you playing all day long! You can test your 90’s skills and knowledge in all of these various categories – actors, movies, electronics, apparel, toys, food, and so many other 90’s moments!

Guess the 90s is different from other trivia and word games because, it strictly focuses on the 90s and all of it’s wide categories. Users will be shown an image of an iconic 90s celebrity, TV show, toy, or something heavily related to the 90’s decade! From there, you must guess what it is using a letter bank to fill in the blanks that are provided. One of the great things about Guess the 90s is that the letter bank is big enough to create a challenge. You probably won’t be able to figure out many Guess the 90s answers just by unscrambling the letters in the letter bank.

Users are going to get coins for each correct answer. The coins can be used later on to buy hints in the game. There are three different types of hints in this game: expose a letter, remove letters, and solve this question. You can also buy coins if you are really stuck on a level. Or, if you are not interested in buying coins, you can find the Guess the 90s answers to every level right here.

Guess the 90s will provide a fun trip down memory lane for anyone who was alive during the 90s. And if you are a tween or younger, consider this game a history lesson. You will be surprised by all of the awesome, totally radical 90s trivia in this game. Guess the 90s will quiz you on everything from Full House and Family Matters to rollerblades and silly putty. This game can also link to Facebook so that you can relive your favorite 90s memories with your friends!

If you can still remember the name of every member of N*sync and you have a Destiny’s Child CD in your car, Guess the 90s is the game you’ve been looking for. And if you ever get caught up, we have Guess the 90s answers for every level right here!

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