Icon Pop Song Answers & Cheats

By | May 7, 2014

Icon Pop Song answers and cheats to the new trivia game by Alegrium that is available for download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This new game will test your knowledge on a variety of different music artists and songs. If you think you are knowledgeable about the music industry and up to date on all of the latest pop artists and songs, than this is the game for you! To guess the song you will listen to a short clip of an acoustic version of a musician’s original song. If you get stuck on one of the levels use the Icon Pop Song answers and cheats provided below to help you continue on throughout the game!
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Icon Pop Song Level Answers

Icon Pop Song features many classic hits as well as current trending artists for you to guess. Like most of the other trivia games that have been climbing up the charts, you will also be given a letter bank and blank spaces. Once you think you are able to guess the song or artist after listening to the acoustic clip, use the letters to fill in the blanks.

Be aware that the songs may sound different when they are played acoustically rather than the original that you may be used to. If you need help with one of the titles or artists, the game does off you different hints to get you through. In the game you are able to reveal one of the letters in the word, remove some of the letters from the word bank or skip the level completely. Also, the game features social media aspects, allowing you to ask your friends for help on Facebook or Twitter.

If you like one of the songs that appears in the game, you can even download it from iTunes so it will be in your personal music library! So as you can probably tell Icon Pop Song is not only different and unique, it is revolutionizing the way we play trivia games, and how we interact and use them–in their own capabilities!

And if you find yourself having trouble with a level of Icon Pop Song answers, you can stay here for all the levels and answers related to all the levels of Icon Pop Song with answers, cheats, guides, tips, and hints!

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