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By | May 7, 2014

Guess the Emoji answers and cheats for every level of the game. If you consider yourself a true emoji aficionado, then you’re going to want to play Random Logic Games’s Guess the Emoji. Guess the Emoji is completely free and available for all Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Struggling with a level? Don’t fret, we’ve got all the Guess the Emoji answers and cheats you will ever need.

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Guess the Emoji Answers All Levels

Guess the Emoji is chart-blazing “guess the picture” mobile game that puts all of your favorite emojis right in your hands. Your goal in the game is to decode a series of emojis so that you can solve the mystery word. Guess the Emoji is jam-packed with 80 levels. That equals up to 800 riddling emoji puzzles! Think you can handle all of that much emoji madness? If not, we’ve got your back with all of our Guess the Emoji answers.

When you begin a level, you will be shown an image of emojis and a letter bank. After carefully scanning the ideogram of emojis, you will need to correctly spell out the mystery word. For every correct answer, you will be rewarded with coins. The puzzles in Guess the Emoji are quite vast and diverse. You will be quizzed on categories of phrases, food, celebrities and everything in between. With that many categories, it’s easy to get a bit rattled. But no worries, here you will find all of your Guess the Emoji answers and cheats.

The coins that you win can later be used to purchase hints to assist you. For 15 coins, you can expose a letter of the mystery word. For another 15 coins, you can remove all of the letters from the bank that have nothing to do with the mystery word. For 30 coins, you can have the game solve the question for you. But why would you use up all of your coins? You can use our master list of Guess the Emoji answers to help you conquer the entire game!

Guess the Emoji is game that every lover of emojis should have downloaded on their mobile device. If you’re a frequent user of the smiley faces and cute animal icons, this is the game for you. Guess the Emoji will keep you guessing today with their challenging and addicting levels. The questions get tough. But remember, we’ll be right here with all of your Guess the Emoji answers!

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