Zoomed In Answers and Cheats

By | June 12, 2014

Zoomed In answers and cheats for every level of the game. Do you have a keen eye for the smallest of details? If so, you need to try your hand at Juxta Labs’ Zoomed In. Zoomed In is completely free and available for all iOS and Android devices. Think you can pass this ultimate eye exam? If you find yourself lost, don’t fret. Here you will find all of the Zoomed In answers and cheats.

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zoomed in answers

Zoomed In Answers

Zoomed In is a picture trivia game that is going to put your eyes and brain through the ringer. In order to dominate this game, you’re going to need to see the world from under a magnifying class. With such a close up view, you’ll never know just what your looking at? Is that a snake? Is it a lizard. Heck, it could just be a snakeskin pair of boots. So, are you up for the close up challenge. Remember, if you need some help, just check out all of our Zoomed In answers.

When you begin Zoomed In, you’ll be shown a handful of letters and an extremely close up image. It will then be your job to decode just what you are looking at. For every correct answer, you will receive several coins. From bugs and animals to nature and food, Zoomed In is going to keep you second guessing yourself for hours on end. Think you can handle all the microscopic madness?

Fortunately, Zoomed In will supply you with a handful a very helpful hints, but it’ll cost you. For 60 coins, you can reveal a letter of the mystery image’s name. For 90 coins, you can remove the letters that do not pertain to the mystery image’s names. If you’re really stuck you can spend a whopping 120 coins to reveal a contextual hint. Still need help? ask your friends on instagram. But let’s be real. Who wants to bother friends or waste coins? Instead, simply use all of our Zoomed In answers and cheats.

Zoomed In is the perfect game for anyone looking for an addicting and entertaining challenge. But be warned, Zoomed In is really going to test your vision. You’re really going to need to focus your eyes and mind to pass these levels. But hey, we know the images are tricky. That’s why we have compiled all of the Zoomed In answers and cheats you will ever need.

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