100 Emoji Quiz Answers and Cheats

By | May 9, 2014

100 Emoji Quiz answers and cheats for every level of the game. Hungry for some emoji based trivia? Feast your eyes and fingers on Poptacular’s 100 Emoji Quiz. 100 Emoji Quiz is completely free and available for everything iOS, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Can’t figure unravel a level? No problemo, we have everything you need thanks to our 100 Emoji Quiz answers and cheats.

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100 emoji quiz answers

 100 Emoji Quiz Level Answers

100 Emoji Quiz is the latest installment in Poptacular’s insanely entertaining 100 Pic Quiz series. For this installment, you’re going to need to be fairly well versed in the language of emojis if you want to conquer this mobile trivia game. But hey, even if you’re not, you won’t need an emoji dictionary. Just put our helpful 100 Emoji Quiz answers and cheats to use!

Just as you would see in 100 Pic Quiz, you’re image will only be shown in one square. Of course, you may not be able to guess the mystery word from just one image. So, you may need to tap and reveal more squares so you can get a better look at you emoji character chain. Then, you will need to combine your emojis so that you can figure out the mystery word. For instance, you may be shown a emoji of the Statue of Liberty and an apple. Therefore, your answer would be “Big Apple”. But remember, the more squares you tap, the less points you will receive once you are able to correctly solve the puzzle.

The emoji ideograms and puzzles cover a lot of topics. So you will need to be on top of your game to solve every one of them. From entertainers to actions to cliche phrases, you’re going to come across a ton of challenging emoji based riddles. But fear not, we got your back with all of our 100 Emoji Quiz answers and cheats.

For correct answers, you will be awarded coins. Those coins can then be put to use by purchasing hints for when you are stuck. You will be able to reveal a letter of the word, remove letters from the bank, or skip the question completely. But why wait for coins when you can just take a look at all of our 100 Emoji Quiz answers!

100 Emoji Quiz is the game to download if you love word puzzles and everything emoji. This game is going to take a true emoji Einstein. If that’s you, pick up your mobile device and start playing! Remember, if you get lost, check out all our 100 Emoji answers and cheats.

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