5 Clues 1 Word Answers & Cheats

By | May 22, 2014

5 Clues 1 Word answers and cheats for every level of the game. Are you good enough at trivia you don’t need any pictures? Prove it by downloading 5 Clues 1 Word for your iOS or Android device. This fun new trivia game is made by UP Gravity, makers of many excellent picture quiz apps. Can’t figure out an answer? Don’t worry about it. You will find all the 5 Clues 1 Word answers and cheats you need right here.

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5 Clues 1 Word Answers

Out of all of UP Gravity’s trivia games, 5 Clues 1 Word is the most unique. Most trivia games show you a picture which you must identify. You’d only get clues by spending in-game money. 5 Clues 1 Word answers don’t exactly work like that! There are no pictures in this game to help you. Instead, you’ll have to guess the answer by thinking about 1-5 different clues.

The game is much simpler than it sounds. Each level begins with 5 hidden clues, blanks for the answer, and a letter bank. Reveal each clue by tapping it. If you can’t get the answer with just one clue, try tapping another. By thinking about the clues together, you’ll get the answer. You should try to figure it out in as few clues as possible. Using fewer clues will earn you more coins. You also don’t need to go in order. You can tap on the clues in any order you like.

But what will you spend the coins on if the clues are free? Different clues, of course! 5 Clues 1 Word lets you spend your coins in other ways, like revealing a correct letter in the answer. If you run out of coins, you can tap on the Facebook or Google Plus icons to ask your friends. Social media is a great tool! Just don’t spam your contacts all the time or you’ll run out of pals.

The real challenge of 5 Clues 1 Word is its range. There is no one category the game sticks to. Fans of UP Gravity games might be used to thinking of one type of answer, like food, logos, or TV shows. But in 5 Clues 1 Word, the answer can be anything from simple word association to popular phrases or expressions. Non-native English speakers may have a tough time figuring out some of the English idioms in this game! If you get stuck with any level, you can find the answer right here. Click the links above to get started.

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