Celebrity Guess Answers & Cheats

By | May 7, 2014

Celebrity Guess Answers, Cheats, and Solutions to all levels of the game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Are you stuck on a level of Celebrity Guess? Have you used up all your reveals and still don’t know which famous person is on your screen? Don’t worry because we have all the Celebrity Guess answers, cheats, and hints you need to beat every level of the game.

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Celebrity Guess Level Answers

Celebrity Guess is a picture guessing game that will test your knowledge of celebs. The app shows you a picture of a celebrity covered in blue boxes. You have to tap the boxes to reveal the photo one square at a time. For each level, you will be awarded a certain number of free reveals. You can use those free reveals to choose which portion of the picture you want to see. If you still can’t figure out what famous man or woman you are looking at, you can trade in coins for more reveals. If you have no more reveals, just use our cheats linked above.

When you first start playing Celebrity Guess, the squares that cover the picture will be arranged in a four by four square with sixteen squares total. After a few levels, the squares get smaller and you will be revealing your squares on a six by six board. Since you will be working with smaller squares, the game will be trickier as you go through the levels. After a while, you might only get blank space if you click on the wrong square.

The celebrities on Celebrity Guess include singers, actors, actresses, fashion icons, teen sensations, and all kinds of famous people. The celebs range in age from young, modern famous people to iconic celebrities from generations past. If you don’t know who someone is right off the bat, hopefully you will be able to figure it out after revealing a few squares. If that doesn’t work, you might want to use some of the lifelines that are built in to the game.

Once you run out of reveals and coins, you can write a review to gain an additional 200 coins. And once you run out of those, you can purchase coins. 250 coins will cost you $.099 or you can buy unlimited coins for $18.99. But if you don’t feel like spending money, you can just check out all the Celebrity Guess answers and cheats right here.

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