The Unbeatable Game Answers and Cheats

By | September 2, 2014

The Unbeatable Game Answers Levels 46-65

 The Unbeatable Game Level 46

Q: Remove one match stick, so that we can form just 3 squares.
A: Pull away one of the matches in the middle

 The Unbeatable Game Level 47

Q: Who is silent in parliament?
A: Drag away the letter “a” in the word “parliament”.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 48

Q: It’s time to move to the next level. So proceed.
A: Swipe the page from right to left like a book.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 49

Q: Open the box.
A: Turn the device counter clockwise.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 50

Q: A delicious pizza with a crust thickness “a” and radius “Z”. What is the volume of the Pizza?
A: Draw Pi*z*z*a on the equation.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 51

Q: How can you put three cows into nine stables?
A: Drag the words “Three cows” into the letter boxes.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 52

Q: Hide the dark cloud.
A: Simply tap your finger and hold it over the cloud.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 53

Q: Go back to the previous question
A: Swipe two fingers down to go back to the previous question.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 54

Q: Great! Now move on to the next level.
A: Swipe two fingers upwards on the screen twice to move on.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 55

Q: What is the minimum number of lines required to divide the crescent moon into 6 parts?
A: 2

 The Unbeatable Game Level 56

Q: I am something which has roads but no cars, rivers but no water, hills but no trees, places but no houses. Who am I?
A: Map

 The Unbeatable Game Level 57

Q: Can you find the mistake?
A: Tap the the letters “SU” to the right on the calendar.

The Unbeatable Game Level 58

Q: Make the frog jump
A: Bring the stick over the bushes behind the frog. The frog will jump from the movement and when the snake comes out.

The Unbeatable Game Level 59

Q: Lock the fish in the frame.
A: Drag the farm and put it over the fish.

The Unbeatable Game Level 60

Q: Complete the game by charging the battery.
A: Charge your device.

The Unbeatable Game Level 61

Q: What occurs once in a day and in a year, but never in a a week?
A: A (The letter A)

The Unbeatable Game Level 62

Q: The smoking alarm is buzzing. Help!
A: Rub the smoke and the alarm will stop

The Unbeatable Game Level 63

Q: Tap the smallest fish
A: Tap the word “fish” in the question as it is the smallest.

The Unbeatable Game Level 64

Q: Which of them is hot?
A: Tap the girl

The Unbeatable Game Level 65

Q: Tap which is near to us?
A: Tap the “?” that is next to the word “us” in the question.

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  1. Charlize Van Zyl

    I got past level 58 and 59 but I can’t get past level 60!

  2. Kaluba

    For level 58 pick up the stick and place it on the bush , for level 59 drag the picture frame and place on the fish and for level 60 put your phone on your charger and it will charge like normal hope i help 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Help … When I first downloaded this app I said no to access to my mic ,I can’t get past blowing out the candle, I’ve uninstalled and done updates but it doesn’t ask again .can anyone help thanks

  4. Hailey

    @anonymous it’s in settings and what’s level 65 answer

  5. Toya

    To make the frog jump, drag the stick to the bushes behind the frog to wake up he snake and frog will jump away from the snake

  6. Harvxie

    @abc_user the opposite for nitrate is dayrate ALSO anyone know the answer for lvl 78???

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