The Unbeatable Game Answers and Cheats

By | September 2, 2014

The Unbeatable Game Answers and Cheats for every challenging level of the game. Are you ready to impress your friends with that giant brain of yours? If so, it’s time for you to try you hand at Damilola Idowu’s The Unbeatable Game IQ. The Unbeatable Game is completely free and available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Does a level have you completely stumped? Use our complete walkthrough of The Unbeatable Game IQ answers and cheats.
The Unbeatable Game answers
Much like The Impossible Quiz, this puzzling IQ test game is going to put your brain through the ringer. In order to pass this test you’ll need to have a combination of common sense and an ability to think outside the box. From math problems to riddles to simple instructions, you’ll need to keep on your toes. To help you out a little bit, the developers have included some in-game cheats. However, these hints are limited and expensive. Instead, save you money and just use are full collection of The Unbeatable Game answers below.

The Unbeatable Game Answers Levels 1-25

The Unbeatable Game Level 1

Q: Break the glass
A: Shake your device.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 2

Q:What relation is your niece’s brother to you?
A: Nephew

 The Unbeatable Game Level 3

Q:Fix the Bicycle.
A: Tap the word “Bicycle” because it is spelled wrong.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 4

Q: The below figure is a right angle triangle. Find Z?
A: Tap the letter Z in the triangle.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 5

Q: An organism, when in the morning, has 4 legs, when at noon it has 2 legs, and in the evening has 3 legs. What is it?
A: Humanbeing

 The Unbeatable Game Level 6

Q: What IQ question are you on?
A: Tap the number 6 in the right corner.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 7

Q: Blow the candle out.
A: Blow in your device’s mic.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 8

Q: What you get when you go uphill, then downhill and go across in the middle?
A: Letter A

 The Unbeatable Game Level 9

Q: Create a fire alarm.
A: Tap the red button slowly, then increase your speed.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 10

Q: Correct the arrows
A: Place two fingers on the screen and rotate until the arrows are in their proper place.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 11

Q: What comes next to December 31?
A: Tap the question mark at the end of the question.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 12

Q: Cut the rope.
A: Tap the middle of the rope three times.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 13

Q: Tap the number which should replace the ?
A: 5

 The Unbeatable Game Level 14

Q: What time is it?
A: 2 AM

 The Unbeatable Game Level 15

Q: Hey, I have got four eyes but trust me, I can’t see.
A: Mississippi

 The Unbeatable Game Level 16

Q: Count the number of island rails on the tree.
A: Shake the device to remove the birds, then enter number 5.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 17

Q: Tap the order
A: Tap the numbers in this order: -25, -20, -13, -3, 2, 8, 19.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 18

Q: Tap the order.
A: With two fingers, tap the words “The” and “order”.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 19

Q: If you are enjoying the app, please proceed.
A: Tap the smiley face.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 20

Q: Count the number of odds here.
A: 2

 The Unbeatable Game Level 21

Q: Quickly tap me and move to the next question once the signal is green.
A: Time your tap so you hit the “Tap Me” button when the green light is on.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 22

Q: Complete the analogy 15:10::5:?
A: 0

 The Unbeatable Game Level 23

Q: Find the error in 24-hour clock system?
A: Tap lower left clock (showing 12 AM and 05 12)

 The Unbeatable Game Level 24

Q: Remove the key from donkey?
A: Drag the “key” from the word “donkey”.

 The Unbeatable Game Level 25

Q: Calculate: -0–1+2-+5++1=?
A: -1

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  1. Charlize Van Zyl

    I got past level 58 and 59 but I can’t get past level 60!

  2. Kaluba

    For level 58 pick up the stick and place it on the bush , for level 59 drag the picture frame and place on the fish and for level 60 put your phone on your charger and it will charge like normal hope i help 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Help … When I first downloaded this app I said no to access to my mic ,I can’t get past blowing out the candle, I’ve uninstalled and done updates but it doesn’t ask again .can anyone help thanks

  4. Hailey

    @anonymous it’s in settings and what’s level 65 answer

  5. Toya

    To make the frog jump, drag the stick to the bushes behind the frog to wake up he snake and frog will jump away from the snake

  6. Harvxie

    @abc_user the opposite for nitrate is dayrate ALSO anyone know the answer for lvl 78???

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